The AI assisted artist

Jesper Conrad, the visionary behind this project, is neither a traditional poet nor a musician. Yet, he possesses a reservoir of ideas and a vision that yearn for expression. With the aid of artificial intelligence, these abstract thoughts are transformed into tangible art. This collaboration between man and machine serves as a testament to the empowering role of AI in elevating human creativity.

Jesper Conrad - 7Y4A2289

Creating Art with ARTificial Intelligence

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World AI Day 2024

The Journey Ahead - We are in the process of crafting our debut album set to be released on World AI Day, July 16 2024.

Our compositions focus on positivity, self-awareness, and personal growth. We aim to provide a mindful alternative to the cacophony of modern life, helping you fall asleep not just to sound, but to the sound of wisdom and tranquility.


A Symphony of AI Technologies

Conrad+AI is not just about text and music; it's a multi-dimensional experience. We employ a range of AI technologies to bring this project to life:

  • Text Generation: In collaboration with advanced text-generating AIs, we craft poetic narratives that serve as the backbone of our compositions.

  • Music Composition: AI algorithms compose the meditative music that forms the soul of our project.

  • Voice Cloning: To maintain a consistent auditory experience, we use AI to clone the voice that narrates our compositions.

  • AI-Generated Avatars: Our project even extends to the visual realm, where AI-generated clones serve as the face of Conrad+AI.

  • AI-Crafted Music Videos: Each song is accompanied by a music video, generated by AI based on the analysis of the text.


The Intersection of Humanity and Technology

In a world where attention spans are dwindling and the noise of digital distractions is deafening, Conrad+AI emerges as a sanctuary for the mind. We live in an era where many of us fall asleep to the flickering screens of TVs or the chatter of podcasts. Conrad+AI offers an alternative—a harmonious blend of meditative music and philosophical poetry designed to elevate your consciousness and enrich your soul.


Want to be a tech partner?

If you are working on an AI technology you think we can use on this project, then please contact us, so we can take a dialouge on how we can work together!

Thank you - We will reach out to you soon :)