Sweet Illusions: Unveiling Sugar's Weight Through Art

Obese coke

Glass Half Full or Sugar-Full? 🍾

Conrad+AI's glass Coke bottle, hefty with hidden sugars, reflects a reality often glossed over. A clear call to look beyond the glass and see the substance.

About this series

Each piece—a bloated bottle, a swollen can, an inflated vending machine—serves not just as art but as a visual dialogue on the excessive sweetness that permeates our lives.

With over half of America reaching for a soda daily, I've sculpted a reality where the physical form of these familiar icons swells with the truth of their contents.

This series is my call to awareness, a prompt for each of us to consider the weight of our choices in a society brimming with hidden sugars.

It's a mirror held up to our indulgences, a creative plea to ponder the unseen impact of what we consume, and ultimately, a reflection of my own journey towards mindful consumption.


Is Your Drink Weighing You Down? 🥤🍬

Imagine if your favorite soda mirrored its sugar content. With 234 grams of sugar in a 2-liter bottle, and over 50% of Americans sipping daily, what if soda bottles looked as 'heavy' as their sweetness? This Conrad+AI art series unveils the hidden 'weight' in every gulp, sparking a conversation about our daily choices and their unseen impact. How does what we consume, consume us?


Ho-ho-hold the Sugar! 🎅🥤

Santa's jolly 'bowl-full-of-jelly' just got real. Clutching a Coke, this Conrad+AI Santa begs us to ponder - what if our festive cheer matched our sugary intake?


When Indulgence Takes Shape... 🥤🍬

This 2-liter bottle, snug with 59 sugar cubes, poses a question: What if soda's shape reflected its sweetness inside? A visual gulp of reality by Conrad+AI, stirring the sugar debate.


The Heavy Cost of Convenience 🏪

An overweight vending machine swells with more than choices—it's a Conrad+AI artwork swollen with the weight of sugar, vending visual food for thought.


Bulging with Sweetness 🍾

This bloated bottle from Conrad+AI isn't just full of soda—it's brimming with questions about our sugary secrets. A ponderous pour for the thoughtful drinker.


Can the Sugar 🥫

This inflated can from Conrad+AI isn't just fizzing with soda—it's puffing up the conversation on added sugars. A can-sized nudge to think before you drink.

With love

Dark Conrad plus AI signature

Jesper Conrad +AI


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